Posted on July 13 2017

Per my purpose in life: "To use my joyful intention, and aesthetic expression, to create things and experiences that make peoples' lives more enjoyable".  I am now currently using the YouTube platform to create content aligning with my purpose.  I want the world to live their best, and most enjoyable life and I have started creating content on YouTube do just that.  I have one video up "How to clean your Jewelry!! Super Quick and Easy" I filmed with my iPhone.  It's short and sweet.  Stay tuned for more videos with a range of topics (not just Jewelry related).  Click the link below to be directed =).

I realize the Snapchat purpose and feel is a little different than Instagram stories.  (Please let me know if you have a different opinion) The Instagram platform is more aesthetically driven, and more thought out in the majority of posts/stories, and the Snapchat is a little bit more raw and off the cuff.  A follower requested my Snapchat username and I realized right then, existed an active curiosity for @ShopAuCourant on Snapchat.  Took me about a minute to signup, so please follow me @ShopAuCourant for the raw-behind the scenes look at Shop Au Courant.  

Here in LA we are experiencing a hot and sunny July heatwave!!! I am still out here selling my beautiful jewelry at Farmers Markets but strategically for you... I'll be in the shade and about 10 degrees cooler than most of the market ;).  

Sundays: you can find me at Melrose Place Farmers Market from 10a-2p.  Located on Melrose Place, on the corner closer to the La Cienega side.  Look for the black & white lace tablecloth.  

Some Saturdays: I partake in the Playa Vista Farmers Market, or Calabasas.  Find my whereabouts on my Instagram bio, follow @shopaucourant


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