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Au Courant is an online boutique by, Sachi Lee located in Los Angeles, CA.

Our brand is inspired by travel, love, and artistic productions. Au Courant selections are for the chic and versatile. Wear our pieces for work or a special event. We will make you sparkle with intrigue.


About Sachi:

Hi I'm Sachi!  I am a Jewelry Designer, Entrepreneur, and Disc Jockey based in Los Angeles.  From an early age I always KNEW I was going to be designing jewelry. I started as soon as I could get ahold of materials by stringing beads together then convince my relatives to rock them at work.  This started at the age of 5 mind you, my style was a little more "eclectic" then =P.  I loved jewelry so much, for every holiday or gift giving occasion I would request a piece of jewelry and really not want anything else.  The amount of joy I have adorning myself with jewelry and accessories is the same amount I share styling my clients like a living piece of art.  My joy is to spread art and beauty with the world.  

I grew up in Los Angeles, and have experienced life in major metropolitan cities.  I love the diversity, confidence, and individuality of those who own their style in a badass way.   I am inspired by creativity in ever innovating trends, but I can't help but to be woo'ed by cultural charm and the details which pull a look together.  

My ACxSL Collection is Au Courant by, Sachi Lee.  These are all handmade pieces designed with my love and magnetic energy to support your success.