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Soho Paperclip Chain Link Bracelet, Medium Size

$ 48.00 USD

Pretty dope link chain. This chain is "flat cut" so it picks up the light and reflects in a pretty way. Edgy yet classy, wear this chain by itself, or layered with your Beaded Bracelets.

This listing is for the Medium Link Chain bracelet. Picture is juxtaposed with the Large link chain to compare size difference.

Material Choice: Gold Filled, Rose Gold Filled, Sterling Silver. 
*You can wear these with water- the color stays!

Size Choices:
//Seamless// - Measure your wrist with a measuring tape, that's how long the chain will be for a close fit; the clasp will add just a little wiggle room.
//With Extension// If you are unsure how loose or tight you want the bracelet- measure your wrist, pick that size choose the "With Extension" option. This option will come with a 3/4'" or 2.5cm extension. The extension can also be cut off once a desired length is picked.
//Fun Fact// You are able to attach the clasp to any part of the bracelet chain =)