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Got It On Lock Golden Bling Bracelet, Slim Thicc Chain

$ 48.00 USD

Material: 18k Gold E Coated Brass, Cubic Zirconia Pave on one side of the lock, the other side has a pretty cut out design

Length: You can choose the seamless "no extension" option, or the "with 1.5" extension" option.  Extension chain is thin, can be cut with household scissors.  If you choose the seamless option, measure your wrist, then add .5".  Example: my wrist is 6", I can choose the 6.5" seamless option.  If I want the tightest, and most precise fit, I would choose the 6" with extension option; can cut off extension for a seamless look =).

Handmade with Love in LA

Customizations: email